Tuesday 26 June 2012

OUGD301//Negotiated Briefs//Brief.

The brief and written structure plan for the Negotiated Briefs to compile over the summer for the first ten briefs that we will be working on in the first half of the year before Final Major Project.

Over the summer I will be compiling my ten briefs that I intend to work on which adhere to specific interests and my own personal ambitions within the design industry in terms of products that I hope to work on, areas of graphic design I may wish to specialise in, as well as other audiences, contexts, subjects, themes, and so on.

Already with a brief list started, I am hoping to work on developing the briefs over the next week to then go on over the rest of the summer to start researching areas for each of the briefs, to then return to the briefs at the end of the summer to re-write them for negotiation with tutors in September- hopefully creating some well-rounded, considered and professional-standard briefs.

Design Practice III//Design Strategies//Presentation Brief.

The Design Practice III Level 06 brief, Design Strategies, in which I will explore my current Design Practice, activities and industry experience over the summer, as well as a professional skills plan for Level 06 and the future, to put together a professional 7-10 minute presentation to be delivered at the start of the new term. 

Although, of course, I will be constantly reflecting upon this year through the entirety of the summer through constant self-reflection, both personally and blogged, as well as embarking on industry experience through studio visits and placements, the majority of the work towards the presentation will be performed at the end of the summer for a significant reflection and summary of my current design practice.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Design Practice III//Project Proposals & Collaborative Work//Jessie Leong.

After sending an initial email out a couple of days ago, and receiving around seven individual responses  from BA Photography students at the Uni over several year groups, today I met up with first year Jessie, (and was also supposed to meet up with a third year who unfortunately didn't show up) who I've been talking to for the last couple of days, and who seemed really enthusiastic and friendly.

We talked about some of the photography I was looking for for both my portfolio work and online sales through Big Cartel, Etsy and Not On The High Street, and what might be suited to each individual task, and potential location shoots.

Really excited about some of the ideas we've been talking about, and hopefully we'll get started within the next couple of weeks!

Also, as a returned thank you to Jessie, I have also offered to design her own personal branding, which I will go on to write up and hopefully incorporate into a live brief in September, which would give me the great opportunity to apply to illustrative and typographic skills more creatively than I am currently showing in my portfolio, and also to experiment with branding, which, recently, is something that I've found particular interest in, and definitely want to explore further.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Design Practice III//Project Proposals//James Maxwell.

At the beginning of last summer, my friend and Architecture student, James Maxwell, (currently studying in his second year in Cardiff) asked me about potentially designing some business cards and branding for his practice. Although unfortunately, due to time constraints,  I haven't been able to see this through for him, we have been constantly talking throughout the year about potential design ideas, and I feel that my third year would be the perfect opportunity to see this through for him, and something that I'm really excited to embark on as I get more experience with branding and editorial design. 

In the next couple of weeks we're hoping to draw up a contract and discuss all the elements that I will be designing such as business cards, letterheads, proposed web design, a printed portfolio, mailouts to studios for industry experience, and so on. Really excited to get started soon!

Monday 11 June 2012

Design Practice III//Project Proposals//Research//Rachael Putt Photography.

Fitting to my ambitions to develop my branding, client, and live brief work over the summer in preparation for the third year, I decided to get in touch with one of my contacts, photographer Rachael Putt, whose portraiture work has gone global in the past year, with thousands of online fans and lovers of her work, which has resulted in not only getting her own solo exhibition in a gallery space, but also signing up with her own agent.

Throughout today I kept thinking about potential branding collaborations, and I felt that Rachael would be brilliant to create designs for with a strong, visually identity that would directly link in to her photographic style as well as potentially reaching a global audience. Eagerly, and hopefully, anticipating a reply soon- I think it would be a great project to work on!

Design Practice III//Project Proposals//Research.

Trying to get the ball rolling for the summer, and exploring branding, a sector of the design industry I feel quite interested in, and would like to know a lot more about before potentially going on to propose working with a branding project in September for one, or more, of my ten proposed briefs. Really excited to get started, going to start brainstorming ideas asap.