Monday 31 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Dimensions of my products.

Beginning to develop an idea of dimensions and scales for my printed production outcomes- and a suitable scale to be working with within any software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe, etc). Using both my design sketches and proportional print (existing print) to generate ideas for scales.

Also, I have complied a list of products to make for my final design outcome, to help me focus my design ideas to a specific range of outcomes. There are as follows:

- Mailshot (Mailshot card, Mailshot wallet, Mailshot exterior wallet, RSVP Mailshot, Info Booklet- 100mmx150mm)
- Pull out pocket-size directional map (A3//folded down)
- Stationary directional map (A3)
- Entry Ticket (Ticket to screenings, 25mmx50mm//6 versions/styles- one for each of the films)
- Wayfinding and signage (exterior- scale not yet specified)
- Wayfinding and signage (interior to Picture House- scale not yet specified)
- Billboard (3.1x6.1m)
- 6 Sheet Poster (Street/Train Station advertising- 1.2x1.8m)
- Programme (A5 x6 versions- one for each film plus wes edition- all presented in programme wallet case)
-  A6 flyers (General promotional material- hand outs)
- Sticker sheet (A6)
- Tote bags (Need to measure dimensions...)
- T Shirt (Sized accordingly)
- "Snack box" cinema food holdall for festival (need to distinguish packaging style and measurements...)
- Popcorn box (See above)
- Juice box (See above)
- Sweet box (See above)
- Ice Cream Pot (See above)

LOTS to do... but really excited about it. I'm feeling happy with my designs at the moment, and hope that it progresses as I explore not only the design style, but also dimensions, stocks, and, of course, print finishes.

- Design food merchandise packaging
- Create a consistent style/brand for the entire range
- Prep all my work so far for feedback session on Thursday- and have some examples printed in full colour/packaging made up, etc.

Design Production for Print//Hyde Park Picture House.

At lunchtime today I took a trip down to the Hyde Park Picture House, where I attend to set my hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival in my design production for print project.
The picture house (more information of which can be found on my Design Context blog) is a truly wonderful location for my proposed project festival- not only intricately and beautifully styled like Wes films, but also a great fan of his- having frequently showcased his films, the most frequent being a late-night "creatures of the night" showing of 'The Royal Tenenbaums'.
These photos will provide a stock basis for photoshopping and imposing designs upon at the later stages of my design devlopment and presentation, as well as being a fundamental source of inspiration in terms of internal wayfinding and signage of the event. Whilst, of course, my main design focuses are for Wes Anderson's films, I would also like to create designs that sit well in the picture house, and suit/compliment current designs.

Design Production for Print//Pattern Inspiration.

Downloading pattern swatches for inspiration of my own design development and progression of ideas in terms of printed patterns and pattern making- some of these are perhaps too elaborate, and not quite as representative for Wes' films as I would like, but a good basis for inspiration nevertheless. The swatch above, in particular, however, really captures a 'Darjeeling Limited' theme... would work very well... definitely need to do some more experimenting soon (see image below for my colour palette applied to the pattern swatch).