Monday 10 December 2012

Design Practice III//Adjustment Levels Editing.

Something thats proved a little frustrating so close to deadline, which I didn't account for was the amount of photo editing it would take for my photographs to reach a standard that I felt particularly happy with, despite being, as previously stated, an absolutely (OTT) perfectionist in regards to my presentation of my design work, and, in particular, products.

With this self-diagnosed perfectionist issue, it probably wasn't the best idea to shoot my work on a white paper roll backdrop, which resulted in a low of shadow and some over-exposure, thankfully a lot of which could be edited through the soft box lighting, and then adjustment and contrast layers in post-production.

In the future I will definitely look into working with a photographer, or seeking help from someone that specialises in product shoots, as it is such a complex and changeable process, and it would be great to get some images that I'm really proud of in my design portfolio, not ones that sadly "will do" for the meantime and the module submission.

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