Tuesday 11 December 2012

Design Practice III//Brief Two: UK Greetings / YCN 2013 Submission Boards.

The finalised module submission boards for the UK Greetings / YCN 2013 brief, in which I created my own brand of greetings card and range of gift products to accompany them.

In terms of the scope of my briefs for the module submission, strangely, considering the short time frame and quick development of the brief, this is probably the one I am most proud of, as I took a step out of my comfort zone to work on packaging design (albeit simple packaging) and a really quick turnaround with production values that have impressed others during crits.

Doing a quick competition brief like this one with successful results has definitely given me a confidence boost in regards to what I can achieve, and hope that I can carry this on through to FMP and later on in my personal and professional design practice and career.

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