Saturday 8 December 2012

Design Practice III//Contacting James Maxwell.

Due to our mutually very busy and slightly stressful current life timetables (with my Uni work and freelance work alongside one another, and James competing with a pre-Christmas dissertation submission, on top of his final year Uni work...!), James and I have been in touch less than I think either of us initially expected, and consequently, came a little underprepared into the project, and therefore, I haven't been able to achieve all I initially set out to do.

However, earlier on in the week, James and I agreed that after approving the logo and design concept, he was happy for me to go on and produce work for the sake of the module and then look at working together more closely throughout FMP when we both felt more prepared and potentially more at ease with our workload, therefore being able to refine and expand upon the existing product outcomes.

Earlier today I sent James an informal message in regards to receiving some feedback, which hopefully I will receive in the next couple of days before module submission.

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