Sunday 9 December 2012

Design Practice III//Submission Board Plan.

Spending this evening on working together to edit my photographs (as taken on Friday) and add the content to my design boards.

Written below, a rough plan for my boards to prepare the content and subject matter for each of the boards within the project/brief range.



Brief One, Jessie Leong Photography

* Full product range
* Stationary- business cards, postcards, letterheads, stamps, stickers, forms
* Digital design- Twitter, Facebook, Website
* Portfolio- Magazine, Sample Pack

Brief Two, UK Greetings & YCN 2013

* Full product range
* Range 1
* Range 2
* Range 3
* Range 4

Brief Three, Leeds University Union Ballet Society

* Full product range
* Clothing (hoodie, tags)
* Stationary- letterheads, compliment slips, receipt cards
* Digital design- Twitter, Big Cartel, email signature

Brief Four, James Maxwell Architectural Design

* Full product range
* Stationary Range 1
* Stationary Range 2
* Stationary Range 3
* Stationary Range 4

Brief Five, Leeds College of Art Christmas Card

* Christmas card
* Digital/moving image design

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