Tuesday 4 December 2012

Design Practice//LUU Ballet Society Letterhead.

The finalised letterhead designs for the LUU Ballet Society.

Again, keeping the designs quite simple (given more time I would have liked to experiment with the layout a little more for visual interest), and ensuring consistency is met in regards to both the white and purple colour scheme, as well as the centre-alignment of the logo for the header, complete with the society website URL below.

To contextualise the letterhead design, I wrote a proposed letter and body copy to Northern Ballet, as Carys and I had briefly discussed in the past as a potential option for sponsorship/networking, here written to ask for sponsorship and scholarship for members of the LUU Ballet Society dance classes.

Generally pleased with the design despite the quick turn around, and hopefully I'll be able to gauge an overall response and opinions from the feedback session in the peer group crit tomorrow.

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