Thursday 6 December 2012

Design Practice III//LUU Ballet Society Hoodie Delivery.

Really pleased and excited to see the LUU Ballet Society hoodies arrive today from Touchline via courier, arriving a day earlier than I originally expected, and, after examining each of the hoodies, was really pleased with the finish and outcome of all of the designs.

On Friday, I'll be taking around half of the hoodies down to the Ballet class for the members, where hopefully I'll be able to take some photographs of the dancers, which I have been told would be taken forward by Touchline to be published both on their Facebook page as well as their 2013 brochure, which would be a great opportunity for both myself and the society to get further exposure.

Really looking forward to showing the group, and, in particular, the President of the society, Carys, tomorrow.


1 comment:

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