Sunday 2 December 2012

Design Practice III/Stock Talk With James.

On Friday I went down to see James in Digital Print to discuss some of my stock options for printing next week.

My major concerns were in regards to the post-production of the print in regards to packaging, and ensuring that no colours were broken in the weave of the card, or absorbed on too thick and matt a stock.

As I wanted a satin sheen on my cards for YCN/LCA Christmas Card competition, and knew that I wouldn't be able to print on a satin stock (the laminate is just not made for folding), James suggested I laminated matt stock by hand to give it the sheen I was looking for, as I wouldn't now have the time to go to professional print, perhaps using a sticky back plastic for mock-up purposes, but proposing professional print in my evaluation and submission boards.

Also, for the YCN gift bags I hope to use 130gsm/160gsm brilliant white paper stocks, respectively.

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