Monday 10 December 2012

Design Practice III//Jessie Leong Photography Mock Up/Design Developments.

Unfortunately, due to obvious time constraints (with the module submission around thirty hours away!) I haven't been able to develop the website for the Jessie Leong Photography brief to the extent that I originally hoped and intended for. 

For the sake of module boards for submission, I have generated some quick mock up designs for the web proposal, following the same suit as the printed portfolio with the black and white title page, with full colour, rich images as the drop down menus and projects are selected, something which I have discussed and planned with Jessie in the past.

With both a Twitter and Facebook account prepared for Jessie this module (though not documented on the board for professionalism reasons, more than anything- in both business and aesthetics), hopefully this will be enough to tide her over until we can work together again for the FMP module.

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