Thursday 6 December 2012

Design Practice III//Final Crit Feedback.

Documenting the written feedback as kindly given during our session today, working with half of the tutor group for general comments and feedback, and then breaking down into smaller groups (of around six) for more specific and detailed feedback.

I was really delighted, and, to be honest, a little surprised with my feedback given which was all generally really positive, with just a few suggestions in regards to my design boards and legibility of my blog to amend, but a lot of really positive comments in regards to the deliverables and product outcomes, something which I was a little concerned about, though, as a self-acclaimed perfectionist, often realised I may see flaws that aren't really necessary or something to worry about as much as I do.

Really positive comments, definitely feel motivated to move on and get the bulk of the work left done now... excited for module submission! 

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