Monday 10 December 2012

Design Practice III//Leeds College of Art Christmas Card Vector Design Boards.

Throughout my design and module submission boards, I was particularly hoping to ensure that all of my work was well-produced and photographed in respect for future additions to my design portfolio upon graduation and seeking more industry experience, so, unfortunately, I was quite disappointed when the images for the Leeds College of Art Christmas Card 2012 live brief (my additional brief in the series) didn't come out as effectively as I would have liked- the colour looking a little dull and washed out, being over-exposed, and not having enough turn around time to have got the cards professionally printed.

Despite this set back, I have gone on to produce simple vector-based designs from the original concept boards submitted to marketing at the time of the brief release, and hope to get the card professionally made and produced at a later date to re-photograph, as I feel, for it's short turnaround time, it was a successful and considered design concept.

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